Tristin House is a 15-year-old eleventh grader that has shown a passion for writing since she was eight years old. At the age of ten, she completed her first novel, Thirty Minutes Under, and has gone on to write three more. Tristin began providing freelance services because of her passion for words, grammar, and editing. She advocates for youth writers like her, so she started a support group, Youth Authors Fellowship, to encourage other young writers. Tristin is also the program director of Communities excel. at excel. by BnHumn. She loves the community and advocating for the causes that she believes in, all the while helping and supporting others. In her spare time, Tristin also enjoys volunteering to transcribe graves, teach English to students as far as Ukraine, and review audiobooks for those with dyslexia. She loves to learn new languages, and at the time, her current enjoyment is Latin, but she is challenging herself by learning Chinese. Her other hobbies include acting, singing, and playing instruments.

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